HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial

You've been dying to get your first website up and running, but didn't have anyone to teach you exactly how to do it. You're in luck now. Not only will I teach you how to set up your new website / blog with HostGator, but I am also including HostGator coupon codes to help you save money on your new account!

HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 1: (choose one of the following HostGator coupons)

25HGspecial -- This is the Hostgator 25 off coupon which will save you 25% off all HostGator hosting plans. Use this Hostgator coupon when your total is $40 or more.

994HGspecial -- This is the Hostgator 1 cent coupon which will save you $9.94. If you order the BABY or HATCHLING plan, you will ONLY pay 1 cent your first month. You will pay $5 your first month for the BUSINESS plan. All other plans, you will receive the $9.94 discount.

I suggest you use the 25HGspecial HostGator coupon code to purchase the BABY plan for 6 or more months. It will save you more money!

HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 2:

Go to Yes, you can click the link instead of typing it in.

HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 3: 

Now you will see HostGator homepage. (see pic below.) At the top, under the image of the gator, you will find a listing of HostGator web hosting packages. Click WEB HOSTING.

HostGator coupon tutorial
HostGator coupon tutorial image 1
HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 4:

There are 3 plans: Hatchling Plan, Baby Plan and Business Plan.

Again, I suggest you choose BABY Plan.  It allows you to add unlimited domains, plus, when you use the 25HGspecial to order 6+ months, you will save even more! It’s well worth it!
HostGator coupon tutorial 2
HostGator coupon tutorial image 2

HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 5:
                                                           Here's the two most important steps.

HostGator coupon tutorial 3
HostGator coupon tutorial image 3

If you do not have a domain (your www), you will be required to register a new domain on the left side under REGISTER A NEW DOMAIN. If you have a domain, enter it on the right side where it says I CURRENTLY HAVE A DOMAIN. (a domain costs between $10 to $ 20 yearly.)

Before clicking CONTINUE TO STEP 2, you will have to ERASE & REPLACE the temp HostGator coupon code SPRING with one of the HostGator coupons I have listed (25HGspecial or 994HGspecial).

                   In the HostGator tutorial pic below, I have used 25HGspecial as the HostGator coupon.

HostGator coupon tutorial 4
HostGator coupon tutorial image 4

 HostGator Coupon Code Tutorial 6:

Now that you've entered the HostGator coupon code of your picking, click CONTINUE TO STEP 2!

Fill in the username and Security Pin (this is NOT your HostGator Control Panel Password, the main password will be delivered to your email after you pay for your webhosting).

Next, fill in your billing information (I use bank card with auto payments enabled), accept the terms and conditions, hit the CREATE ACCOUNT button at the very bottom.

HostGator coupon tutorial 5
HostGator coupon tutorial image 5
                                You have finished the HostGator coupon code tutorial. 

Congrats! May your new website / blog be of great success!


  1. Nice and informative. Just signed up. I'm a happy new gator!

  2. The picture tutorials helped a lot.

  3. Hostgator Coupon SeekerNovember 13, 2012 at 1:38 AM

    Thanks Tiff!

  4. Wow, thanks so much. I ordered the baby hosting for one year.. using the 25hgspecial hostgator coupon... hard to believe i paid such a small fee for it. Now getting my wordpress blog set up. Tiff youre the best.