HostGator Review & HostGator Hosting Plans (Hatchling, Baby, Business)

Here you will find the best HostGator review and HostGator coupon codes for 2012. When you use these coupon codes, you will $ave! Get gator hosting now ► CLICK HERE

• Use HostGator 1 cent coupon "YearlySpecial" if your total bill is less than $40.

HostGator coupon "YearlySpecial" will save you $9.94.

• Use HostGator 25 off coupon "25HGspecial" if your total bill is $40 or more.

HostGator coupon "25HGspecial" will save you 25% off.

Please read my HostGator coupon codes & web hosting review below. The importance of this Hostgator review is to make sure you choose the web hosting plan that's right for you, make sure you understand how the HostGator coupons work, and to make sure that you use the right HostGator coupon to save the most money when you purchase your website hosting package!

HostGator Review Questions & Answers:

Question 1: How many hosting packages does HostGator offer? HostGator has three main webhosting plans. As a new website owner looking to start your first Wordpress blog, you will go with one of the following web hosting plans:

• Web hosting Plan 1: HostGator Hatchling Plan ($8.95 monthly)

• Web hosting Plan 2: HostGator Baby Plan ($9.95 monthly)

• Web hosting Plan 3: HostGator Business Plan ($14.95 monthly)

Hostgator also offers Reseller hosting, VPS hosting and Dedicated servers. These are for more technically advanced users. In other words, people who purchase these packages aren't newbies; in most cases they are self-taught web designers / webmasters / web developers / web architects, hold a degree in a computer related field, a company looking to start their own hosting company, etc.

As a new website owner, you need not worry about ordering a Reseller, VPS or Dedicated server account.

By the way, these Hostgator discount coupons may be used for ANY Hostgator hosting package!

Question 2: Which plan should I order? It depends on your needs. (see below)

ALL of HostGator hosting plans comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth.

HostGator Hatchling Plan is the cheapest web hosting plan. If you only have one domain (a domain is your www.), then you might want to start with this plan. However, this is the least popular plan. You won't find too many people with this hosting package.

HostGator Baby Plan is the most recommended website hosting plan for bloggers using the Wordpress platform and newbies looking to start a website, because it allows you to host multiple domains without paying any extra fees. In other words, unlike the Hostgator Hatchling Plan, you can use this plan for all of your www. websites! Plus, it only cost a dollar more than the Hatchling Plan, so why not go with this one?

*** I don't know anyone with only one website. I bought 5 domains within a 2 months period of time, so the Hostgator BABY plan was definitely worth it!

HostGator Business Plan offers the same features as the Baby Plan, plus, it comes with a free toll free number and private SSL & IP.

***** If you're still undecided about which HostGator hosting plan to go with, I strongly advise you to go with the Hostgator Baby Plan! (this is the plan Jan & I have for all of our websites.)

Question 3: Which HostGator coupon code do I use - the Hostgator 1 cent coupon "YearlySpecial" to save $9.94 off my first month or the Hostgator 25 off coupon "25HGspecial" to save 25% off the total Hostgator hosting bill?

When you look at the cost of the three HostGator web hosting plans, you might jump to use the Hostgator 1 cent coupon for the $9.94 off. At first glance, it appears to save you the most money. Afterall, if you order the Hostgator Hatchling or Hostgator Baby plan, by making monthly payments, you will only pay 1 penny your first month.

However, the HostGator coupon you use comes down to one thing and one thing only: the total cost of your HostGator web hosting plan.

The great thing about HostGator is that it gives the option to pay month by month. Most other web hosting companies force you to pay for at least 6 months in advance. So, here's your answer.

HostGator 1 Cent Coupon Code: YearlySpecial

If you plan to start off paying monthly (not recommended), use the "YearlySpecial" coupon code. When you use this HostGator coupon to purchase the Baby Plan or Hatchling Plan, you will only pay 1 cent for your first month of service. If you purchase the Business Plan, you will pay $5 your first month.

YearlySpecial needs to be used for all webhosting plans $40 or less.

HostGator 25 Off Coupon Code: 25HGspecial

If you choose to pay for 6+ months or your total bill is $40 or more - use the "25HGspecial" coupon code.

I will use the Hostgator Baby Plan for this example to show you the value of each coupon.

Lets assume you're purchasing one month of  web hosting for $9.95. (regular price without coupon)

YearlySpecial - you will pay 1 cent your first month.
25HGspecial - you will pay $7.46 your first month.

Now lets assume you are purchasing 6 months of web hosting for $59.70. (regular price without coupon)

YearlySpecial - you will pay $49.75 for 6 months.
25HGspecial - you will pay $44.77 for 6 months.

Now lets assume you are purchasing 2 years (24 months) of gator hosting for $238.80 (without coupon)

YearlySpecial - you will pay $204.85  for 2 years.
25HGspecial - you will pay $161.10 for 2 years.

Final tip: YearlySpecial is only recommended if you are short on funds aka $$$. If you have the money now, go ahead use 25HGspecial to purchase 6 months to 3 years of web hosting. As you can see from the above example, this will save you much more money!

I hope this HostGator review answered all of your web hosting questions to make it easier for you to know which HostGator plan to go with and which HostGator coupon to use. Now go get your web hosting today, start your website, and earn money from home! ► CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED

May your new website be of great success!


  1. More people do pick the Hatchling plan for hosting but I always recommend the Business plan and paying for at least 6 months of hosting. The 25hgspecial coupon should be used.

    1. think you meant the baby plan

  2. I am having a hard time deciding which hosting provider to use. What does anyone think of Godaddy and Bluehost? I heard Godaddy is only good for domains but you shouldn't host your website through them. Bluehost looks promising but they make you sign up for 6 months of webhosting. Still thinking this out. I prolly will go with hostgator. so confused guess the debate is do i host my websites with Godaddy or Hostgator.

  3. Brenda, what you heard is right. If you don't want to pay for service in advance, don't bother with Blue Host. I was with Godaddy for a while just to see if the rumors were real but I didn't feel like I got my moneys worth. I experienced lots of down time with my website. It took forever for me just to sign up. Godaddy sign up process is not user friendly. So glad to go back with Hostgator is an understatement.

    Hostgator is user friendly, great prices, don't force you to pay for months of web hosting, and fees are superb!

    I hate I ever left Hostgator. Curiosity killed this cat. lol Like yourself, I wanted to see if there was any major difference and which would be better to host my sites on.

    Well, I was just stopping by to get the coupon code for my switch back.

    - MikeMike

  4. Hey there Mike. Thanks for pitching in to help a dizzy gal out. hehe I'm so lost when it comes to tech stuff. Glad I stumbled upon these hostgator coupon codes... I'd felt even more stupid if I had purchased before finding the coupons. I'm such a bargain shopper. Going get my webhosting account set up. Wish me luck!

    1. Brenda, sorry so late, we wish you luck and great success!

      @ MikeMike, thanks for helping out. :)

  5. I seen somewhere on here I think that 994HGspecial was a hostgator coupon. Is this correct? If so, how much do I save on web hosting when using that hostgator coupon?

    1. Piggybacking off what Anonymous wrote, the 994HGspecial HostGator coupon is the same as the YearlySpecial coupon. They both will make it so that you only pay 1 penny your first month.

      @ Anonymous, thanks for helping out. :)

  6. Lindzetta the 994HGspecial Hostgator coupon is the same as the YearlySpecial HostGator coupon... I just did a test. Both HostGator coupons are a $9.94 off all HostGator plans. Hope this helps.

  7. HostGATOR Rocks Man!June 11, 2012 at 2:10 AM

    WOW, I used the HostGATOR coupon '25hgspecial' for 25% off my HostGATOR web hosting. I did the 36 months (3 years). I was only charged $214.65 for THREE YEARS of web hosting. I saved $71.55. Without using the HostGATOR coupon for the 25% off, I would have paid $358.20 for three years. I am happy you all recommended the this 25% off HostGATOR coupon and the baby plan, because I only had one web site I planned on hosting, but now I have 4 more domains I will be buying and I can set every one of these domains up on my current gator hosting plan. UNBELIEVABLE great deal!

  8. I really got my Hatchling plan for 1 cent. Thanks!

  9. For monthly with this Hostgator coupon is it always 1 cent every month?

    1. No it isn't Timothy. When you use the HostGator coupon "YearlySpecial" you will only pay 1 penny your FIRST month. To get this HostGator coupon special, make sure you select either the BABY plan or the HATCHLING plan.

      If you select any other plan, this HostGator coupon will give you a $9.94 discount.

      The current HostGator web hosting fees (without using the HostGator coupon codes) are:

      ***** Hatchling Plan $8.95

      ***** Baby Plan $9.95 (this is the plan Jan & I suggest)

      ***** Business Plan $14.95

      With the above being said, if you use the "YearlySpecial" HostGator coupon, you will pay 1 PENNY your FIRST month. Every month afterward, you will be charged either $8.95, $9.95, or $14.95 depending on the HostGator web hosting plan you purchase.

      EXTRA: Not only do we recommend the BABY plan, we strongly recommend that you use the other HostGator coupon "25HGspecial" for a 25% off discount to purchase 2 or more years of web hosting. This will save you even more money. You will save $53.70. Your total will be $161.10. If you pay monthly, instead of purchasing in advance, you will end up paying $230 for 2 years. That's right at $70 in savings.

      The "YearlySpecial" HostGator coupon is only recommended to those who are extremely low in funds at the moment.

      I hope this helped you!

      Tiff xoxo

  10. Hostgator is the best. I have been using for 4 years. i love it so much. The customer services is really good.

  11. Good review.. will wait until Friday to order my web hosting. I was gon' go with the 1 cent first month coupon at first. Can hardly wait for Friday!!!!!!!!!

  12. I just spent my last penny. lol Serious, I did! This Hostgator coupon came in handy for an el cheapo like me. But no worries, I will always pay my monthly bill on time. I set up auto credit card payments. There!

  13. Love a lengthy tutorial. Great job explaining. Other Host gator coupon sites I seen only listed the Host gator coupon codes. This is just what I needed.


  15. Aw thank You so MUCH Tiff!!!

  16. i signed up for 1 yr... hostgator is definitely the cheapest web hosting ive found. these hostgator coupon codes are a miracle.

  17. The Baby plan is nice, but I decided to go with the Business plan for 2 years. I love all that it offers, plus with these Hostgator coupons you've shared, I couldn't find a better web hosting company.


  19. I just got my first website up. YAY for me!